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Kristin Armer, PhD
~Learning and Behavior Specialist~

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Arizona and am a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist.  I completed my postdoctoral training in pediatric neuropsychology, and as I have advanced in my career I have developed a specialization in identifying autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities (such as dyslexia).  My unique background in both neuropsychology and school psychology has been invaluable for understanding how these differences and other developmental delays, medical conditions, learning disabilities, and social-emotional difficulties can impact a child's ability to learn and be successful academically.  Throughout my career I have also been involved in research, and I spent several years as faculty at the University of Arizona.  I feel it is important to take a strengths-based approach when working with children, and I am committed to providing progressive, empirically-supported services that are consistent with current research.  

I grew up in South Dakota, and after several years in Arizona I am excited to once again be living in an area with (almost) four seasons!  When I  am not working, I enjoy weekend adventures in the camper van with my husband, staying active, and learning new hobbies (which most recently have included candle making, quilting, and becoming a licensed skydiver).

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