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Kristin Armer, PhD

Managing learning and behavior difficulties
starts with a blueprint 

 Evaluations to identify

factors impacting learning, behavior, and emotional regulation. 

Autism Evaluations

Comprehensive evaluations to help identify autism. Ages 3 through young adults.

Learning Disabilities

Evaluations to diagnose dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and other learning disabilities.

Neuropsychological Evaluations
About Blueprint

Kristin Armer, PhD, NCSP

Licensed Psychologist

I have been in private practice since 2011, specializing in neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents who need support with learning, behavior regulation, and social-emotional development. During that time I have worked within the juvenile justice system, medical setting, and school system. I was also a professor in a graduate program for several years. I have a strong background in education and the special education system, and being able to help parents understand and advocate for their child's educational needs is always one of my main objectives. I also take pride in staying current with research and using the most up-to-date assessment instruments.  I want to ensure each child has a comprehensive, individualized evaluation so that I can provide guidance on the best interventions and supports to help them reach their potential. 


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